Crowd funding is on a marked way in

Crowd funding is on a marked way in

Crowd funding is on a marked way in as an all purpose mean and to bypass banks, we cite an example of the non-textile area giving an insight on how it works

DuBois et fils, the oldest Swiss watch manufacturer (1785) had difficulty to find new investment capital. They launched a crowd funding project amongst watch collector and are reaching one of the best results in crowd funding in Europe with almost the envisioned amount of CHF 1.5 million, and this in only five months.

 The close reach between investors and the company was leading to the exceptional and profitable aspects of a luxury watch brand and created a great interest among investors. It created also a supplemental interest for the products of the company: There are orders for watches from around the globe. Around 200 People from 14 countries invested in the company.

Of course investors buying a crow funding pack between CHF 500 and CHF 10000 get hefty rebates on the new watch collection, the first two models are already launched under the name of concept ONE and TWO, they are chronographs and offer precision, detail richness and precise Swiss manufacturing quality. Each edition is limited to 99 pieces. The market is attractive, Germans spent in 2011 for luxury watches and jewellery almost EUR 3 billion.

Thanks to the web it seems to be very easy to find partners for crowd funding and for almost any purpose. However this presented example is rather unique. Can you imagine that exclusive fashion will be sold in the future in this manner? It seems that the sky is the limit when it comes to crowd funding mostly known for the areas of culture and social purposes and new ideas as well as start-up companies.


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