New breed of Activewear introduced

New breed of Activewear introduced

American ECF Performance has recently introduced a highly anticipated line of urban luxury active wear and accessories by Eric Cooper, Chief Designer of the company

Unbenannt1The collection, an impeccable stylised blend of workout gear is immediately available on the newly launched e-commerce site and consists of a five pieces line featuring the “Power Suit”, a highly stylised track suit with matching coordinates, constructed from a luxurious 4-way stretch micro knit that delivers state of the art moisture-wicking, wind resistance, and blocks and absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays. Designer Cooper has an impressive career in retail, fitness and design and crated the line with the objective of bridging the fashion gab between active and social lifestyles with innovation and panache.

His inspiration for the line weaves together his experience as a designer and pedigree as one of the top trainers in Los Angeles, California (USA). He studied fashion design at the renowned Cass Technical High School in Detroit and Ray College of Design in Chicago before launching his career in fashion, working for a host of celebrated designers, including Ralph Lauren. He expanded the scope of his work in 1997 when he launched his private training firm, Eric Cooper Fitness, and in turn established a list of influential clients in Chicago and Los Angeles before establishing his collection. On ECP he comments: “I really saw a void in the marketplace for cool looking and functional active wear that could be worn to the gym, an appointment or a social event. As a trainer, I needed to look my best, but finding clothes was difficult, the product just was not out there. I discovered this with my clients as well. This motivated me to start the line”.

The men’s collection, fresh, retro, versatile and uniquely designed, pays homage to two American icons, Evel Kneivel and LL Cool J, both of whom inspired Cooper with their fashion sensibility. He stated further “They always pushed the envelope by dressing with style and power. That is really the spirit of this line, uniquely versatile, functionally stylish, and powerfully sexy clothing that presents you at your best, no matter, what you are doing”.

More information on the collection can be had from the following website link.

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