Swedish clothier Kappahl reports on first quarter 2012/13

Swedish clothier Kappahl reports on first quarter 2012/13

Marked higher sales and operating profit and operating margin these are the highlights of the interim report of Swedish clothier KappAhl with soon 400 locations and 4500 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland and Czech Republic. The company offers value-for-money fashion with a wide appeal and a particular focus on women 30 – 50 with families

Net sales increased in the first quarter 2012/13 (September-November) and the increase in comparable stores amounted to 3.0 % to SEK 1245 (SEK 1193) million and operating profit increased from SEK 16 to SEK 181 million and the gross profit margin was up from 58.4 % to 63.3 % and net profit increased from -11 to +115 million. According to President and CEO Johan Aberg “it is a little too early to say this is a new positive trend, but it is quite clear there are strong signals indicating we are on the right path”.


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