Worth Reading

Worth Reading

Behind the scenes and fashion show coverage in New York

If you are a fashionista or simply fashion interested you should take advantage of the American Livelymag.com (an online magazine published by Leechee LLC, a full service design studio specialised in luxury and lifestyle) offering who is launching a series of Fashion Week Articles called “Fashion  Week Confessions that started on February 13, 2013

Livelymag.com will document different aspects of the ongoing Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center in New York (USA), and from viewpoints of professionals who contribute to the success of fashion shows.

The series will feature behind the scenes stories of what goes in to the preparation of a fashion show. Each story covers a separate profession such as a makeup artist, hair stylist or model. In addition, readers will also be able to see fashion week in the perspective of bloggers, photographers, artists and others.

The publication focuses on talented artists who are emerging into the creative scene. Livelymag.com has featured exclusive interviews with new designers and established individuals including photographer Tyler Shields, Mad Men stylist Janie Bryand and fashion designer Ian Velardi.


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