Swiss Federal Authorities reconfirm Head of Empa

Swiss authorities have re-elected upon recommendation of the ETH Council and for another four year’s term the head of Empa (Material and Sciences). The second term starts September 1, 2013.

The re-elected Swiss Empa HeadUnder the leadership of Gian-Luca Bona the actual head, Empa has been developing into one of the leading research institute regarding material and sciences and innovative technologies. TextileFuture has been reporting repeatedly on developments in the area of textiles.

According to an analysis of the University Leiden (NL) ranks Empa in its specific fields of activities among the 25 best universities worldwide. Empa serves as a platform to develop innovations jointly with industrial partners for introduction in the markets.  The knowledge and technological transfer into the economy and society is pushed ahead through numerous initiatives and Empa’s network in Switzerland entails more than 500 partner firms. In cooperation with  the ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) in Zurich and Lausanne, Swiss Universities and in direct cooperation with Swiss industrial partners, Empa develops demonstrating projects to transfer technologies an concepts into practical application. Newest example is a modular building laboratory for sustainable constructions NEST and “Future Mobility” is another example for energy efficient and resources saving mobility.   

The re-elected head of Empa, Gian-Luca Bona, studied physics at ETH Zurich where he graduated in 1987. After working for IBM and in different areas of R&D in Switzerland, as well as in the States, he assumed the responsibility as head of Empa in 2009 and has been named also Professor for Photonic at the ETH Zürich and Lausanne. He is a member of bodies for knowledge and technological transfer, for instance with the commission for technology and innovation, at Technopark, Zürich and at the centre for start-ups and innovation processes glaTec.

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