Scandinavian outdoor apparel brand saves costs in the “cloud”

Scandinavian outdoor apparel brand saves costs in the “cloud”

Helly Hansen, renowned Scandinavian outdoor brand for apparel and a combination of purposeful design, protection and style, has chosen Microsoft Office 365 as its communication and social platform

Helly Hansen, headquartered in Oslo (N) sells its products on five continents and it operates 39 retail outlets in Europe and North America and the company has 350 employees working in office in Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, China, Canada and the USA.

The Cloud solution of Microsoft is dedicated to improve communication, reducing travel costs and create a more collaborative environment. Before existed email, conferencing and phonesystesm as separate silos. These systems became outdated und unreliable and employees consistently felt the pain when trying to make conference and video calls, or to share large files, or communicate with an increasing workforce spread across countries and time zones. The company needed to help its tems work together and connect with one another at a moment’s notice.

The new Microsoft Office 365 covers all requirements and the collaboration amongst employees has improved tremendously. Also American retailer J.C. Penney is using the same system to reform its business and communications.

More system information can be had from the following first website address.

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