Breakthrough of Lenzing Fibres in the retail food sector

Breakthrough of Lenzing Fibres in the retail food sector

The organic food supplier “Ja!Natürlich (yes, natural(ly) wanted to avoid plastics within the context of its Green Packaging initiative launched in 2011 and thus onions, potatoes and beetroots are now being packaged in 100% biodegradable nets

For the production of these nets 100 % Lenzing Modal® Colour is used. It was developed jointly by Packaging Centre Graz, Lenzing AG und Borckenstein, a long-standing partner company of Lenzing AG. The nets keep vegetables more and longer fresh thanks to their moisture regulating and breathable properties. The biodegradable nets can also be conveniently disposed of in the home compost. The nets are fine and with a soft touch but protect the content more effectively than the formerly used plastic nets.

Friedrich Weninger, COO of Lenzing AG and responsible for research and development commented: The time is ripe for ecological innovations such as this one. For Lenzing this project means entering a completely new market, from which we expect a lot in the future.

Lenzing Modal® Colour is produced from European beech wood and is thus 100 % natural. More than one third of the wood derives from Austrian forests. Pulp and fibre production are carried out in line with the principle of sustainability. The company manufactures the pulp for own use and experts are surveying the entire production process being assessed as worldwide best practice, a fact that is unique in the global fibre industry.

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