Swiss Rieter’s mixed bag in 2012

Swiss Rieter’s mixed bag in 2012

The challenging 2012 market environment had its toll for Swiss Rieter Group (Spun Yarn Systems and Premium Textile Components)



Total order intake fell by 12 % (13 % in local currencies) to CHF 839.7 million (CHF958.3 million),  around CHF 60 million were cancelled orders, however in the second half of 2012 there were improving trends noticeable (+ 8 % more order intake and increasing demand from India andTurkey, some South East Asia countries as well as North and South America and from China). Spun Yarn Systems contributed 10 % (11 % in local currencies) less or totally CHF 695.0 million (CHF 775.0 million) and Premium Textile Components 21 % (in local currencies 20 %) less or CHF 144.7 million (CHF 183.3 million). There are also substantial orders to be delivered in 2013.

Total sales of the two businesses amounted to CHF 888.5 million (CHF 1060.8 million) or a decrease of 16 % (17 % in local currencies), thereof the contribution of Spun Yarn Systems amounted to CHF 727.6 million (CHF 861.7 million) or 16 % less, however with an outstanding performance in China, and Premium Textile Components contributed CHF160.9 million (CHF 199.1 million) or 19 % (in local currencies 18 %) less. The downturn was more accentuated in the second half of the year.

The financial results will be published on March 21, 2013.

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