Worth Reading

Worth Reading

The 2013 edition of USTER® STATISTICS are released

USTER Statistics chart_100 CO_ring yarn_combed_bobbins_knittingThe worldwide recognised benchmarks for textiles, USTER® STATISTICS 2013 are released and are provided with an improved interface.


Users can forecast exactly how a yarn type will perform throughout the processing sequence, for any given application and by matching the yarn quality parameters against USTER® STATISTICS 2013.


The new online tool can be found at the company’s website (see USTER® Statistics under the Service button) is offering remarkable improvements such as extra features and additional yarn styles and parameters and the important quality parameters for hairiness being of special interest for mills producing yarns for knitted fabrics. For the first time ever the statistics include S3 hairiness measurements for ring and compact yarns, referring to the number of fibres protruding by 3 mm and more. This breakthrough was realised with the launch in June 2010 of the USTER® ZWEIGLE HL40’0, taking S3 hairiness classification to the next level.

More information can be had from the company’s website.


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