New EU Duty Regulations in place

New EU Duty Regulations in place

Since January 1, 2013 two new EU Regulations are in force regarding the expansion of tariff quotas on some agricultural and industrial products, and the other suspends custom duties on a variety of agricultural, fishery and industrial products

The Council Regulation 1231/2012 covers in order to ensure the sufficient and uninterrupted supplies of certain goods which are currently insufficiently being produced within the EU, and to avoid any disturbances on the EU market for certain agricultural and industrial products, so called autonomous administrative quotas were opened through the framework Regulation 7/2010. Products within those tariff quotas can be imported to the EU market at reduced or even zero rates.

The new products listed in the Annex to Council Regulation 1232/2012 include a detailed description and reference should be made to the original text available from the website address below.

Among the products are to be found textile fabrics, consisting of warp filament yarns and a variety of chemicals and dyes.

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