Swiss AG Cilander becomes Preferred Supplier of German Bosch Group

Swiss AG Cilander has made its entrance into the abrasive sector and this sector has been consequently enhanced headed by Heinz Gutgesell, since January 2013 the business unit is headed by Manuel Morson

Textile greige fabrics undergo a finishing process and are impregnated and coated and become a stable support material for abrasives. These are confectioned and transformed into slabs or ribbons and applied for surface treatment in the furniture sector, in interior decorating, in the production of wooden plates, in the metal industry as well as in the automotive paint and bodywork applications.

agcilander_p-supplier_boschThe Swiss company supplies the Bosch Group via sia Abrasives in Frauenfeld (CH) a worldwide leading manufacturer of abrasives since 135 years and belonging since 2009 to the German Bosch Group. Now the Bosch Group has been bestowing AG Cilander as “Preferred Supplier” for its highest competence and outstanding capability in the abrasive sector. The award was presented by Volker Stitz, head of buying of the Scintilla AG, Solothurn (CH), belonging to BoschGroup’s business division power tools.

Abrasives are a rather unknown branch of textile activities but highly interesting, challenging and future oriented. AG Cilander is considered as leading manufacturer of innovative finishing and with the capability to transpose experience gained in the textile sector and the raw material procurement and to merge this knowhow with the high tech sector of surface treatment and forthcoming innovations.

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