Rieter SpinCentre in China offers all four end spinning tests to customers

Rieter SpinCentre in China offers all four end spinning tests to customers

Since January 25th, 2013 the Swiss Rieter SpinCentre in Chinese Changzhou offers customer spinning tests in all four end spinning technologies

In the Rieter SpinCentre in Changzhou the following Rieter equipment is installed: G 32/35 ring spinning machine, K 44/45 compact spinning machine, R 60 and R 923 rotor spinning machines and newly also the J 20 air-jet spinning machines. Additionally the Swiss SpinCentre in Winterthur provides a wide range of tests and is now supplemented by a second SpinCentre in China.

Rieter customers provide the card liver and Rieter processes it into finished yarn. This enables Rieter to demonstrate to customers the optimal process stages from the spinning preparation through to end spinning. With the spun yarn customers will be convinced of the high yarn quality Rieter systems deliver.

Spinning tests start with the optimal setting on the autoleveler draw frame. Following the customer’s selection and the type of raw material, carded or combed ring yarns, compact yarns, rotor yarns or air-jet yarns will be spun. On the end spinning machine the yarn characteristics for the subsequent textile application will be optimised. All yarns will be tested in view of their wearing properties by the fully equipped Rieter textile laboratory affiliated to the SpinCentre. The yarn data, accompanied by setting instructions will be delivered to endow the customer to manufacture “his” own yarn based on an extensive report elaborated by Rieter and exclusively covering the entire spinning preparation, and not only setting recommendations for the end spinning machines. Particularly for the air-jet spinning process, it is highly recommended to adhere to the process recommendations in the spinning preparation in order to achieve a high level of efficiency. Since Rieter is the only worldwide supplier offering all four spinning processes and therefore highly qualified to establish exclusive and precise comparison of all of these spinning processes and contributing to customer’s success. According to in-house information, numerous customers using this exclusive service decided to invest into a production unit from Rieter.  In addition, interested customers can follow their spinning tests and gain experience directly at the machinery. The experts in the SpinCentre elaborate the test planning jointly with the customers and answer all technological questions on the spot.

ACHA_showroom_decoration_project_Press__40330In addition finished fabrics, knits and end products manufactured from Rieter yarns are exhibited in the modern showroom in Changzhou. Following the completed spinning test, customers can see and feel the advantages and the characteristics of the four different Com4® yarn types. The influence of yarn properties are reflected in the textile fabrics. It allows customers to develop ideas for new areas of application for their yarn types. Customers can book these Rieter services through Rieter sales engineers.


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