Two new members will be soon added to WTO

Two new members will be soon added to WTO

The WTO World Trade Organisation will add soon Tajikistan and Laos as new members

On February 2, 2013 Laos will become WTO’s 158th member and Tajikistan has a time lag until June 7, 2013 to ratify its accession package and after 30 days of ratification Tajikistan will also become a full fledge member of WTO.

Tajikistan has applied for WTO membership on May 29, 2001 and the WTO Working Party was established in July 2001 and the first meeting of the Working Party took place in March 2004.

Some facts about Tajikistan

Tajikistan has a population of around 7 million people (2011) and a GDP General Domestic Product of USD 5.64 billion (2010). The country ranks in worldwide exports as number 141 and 140 in imports and regarding services it is placed rank 161 in exports and 157 in imports. The merchandise exports  in 2010 reached USD 1195 million in exports and USD 2’657 million in imports. The services exports amounted to USD 182 and imports to USD 389 million. Its main trading partners are China, EU, Russian Federation, Central Asian countries and Turkey.

In one of Textile-Future’s upcoming newsletters we will publish a specific textile feature on Laos.

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