Retiring AATCC Treasurer honoured

Already on November 13, 2012, AATCC American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorants honoured its long time Treasurer, Charles E. Gavin III for completing two consecutive terms as treasurer of the international association

Charles_Gavin1Starting as an ATTCC member since joining Auburn University AATCC chapter in 1958, he has been and is still an active member of several AATCC technical and administrative committees. He followed also a textile career and started out in 1959 as shift dyer in the carpet industry. Apart from his textile career he became also a philanthropist and in 2012 the first Gavin Family Fellowship award went to Vanderbilt’s University, in honour of Dr. Richard Miller, who directed Mrs. Gavin after several surgeries back to health. Also students receive scholarships, providing guidance and encouragement along the way.

As am officer of AATCC, Gavin spent much of his time shaping and ensuring the future of the Association and thus the AATCC Board of Directors recognised Gavin’s dedication to the AATCC and AATCC Foundation, Inc. with a plaque with the inscription: “In recognition of his ten years of vigilant attention, insightful guidance, and astute discernment with the financial affairs of AATCC and AATCC Foundation, Inc; In appreciation of his steadfast dedication and loyal commitment to the mission and vision of this Association; in thanksgiving for his charitable, encouraging spirit that impacts future generations; in blessing for his generous friendship to so many in this Association; AATCC honours Charles E. Gavin, III with the office of Treasurer Emeritus.

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