What you should know about Caprolactam

What you should know about Caprolactam

If you are interested in Caprolactam, the chemical primarily used in the production of nylon fibres and resins, and production levels are rising in Asia as industrial demand builds, this conclusion is to be found in a new report “Caprolactam Market Driven by Emerging Asian Economies” by industry experts GBI Research, according do in-house information a market-leading provider of business intelligence reports, offering actionable data and forecast based on the insights of key industry leaders

Global demand caprolactam has been steadily increasing over the last decade, from 3503390 t in 2000 to 4164201 t in 2011 and it is expected to increase further to 5992732 t by 2020. As demand in developed economies has matured, growth in Asia-Pacific economies has become the main driver for global caprolactam demand, and is predicted to account for 69.5 % of total global demand in 2020.

China has emerged as a global caprolactam manufacturing hub due to low feedstock costs and a regional huge demand for nylon, and accounted for around 45 % of Asia-Pacific’s total demand volumes during 2011. China has recently shown developments in various manufacturing sectors demanding caprolactam, and the country’s low operating costs encourage local caprolactam production to meet this need and therefore there was a huge caprolactam capacity added.

India, Taiwan and Thailand are smaller caprolactam producers, with announced capacity additions throughout Asia-Pacific by major chemical players including Sinopec, total expansions are predicted to reach 200000 t / year by 2015, with new announced nylon plants in South East Asia being expected to take up a portion of the increased output from China.

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