Swiss Rieter is on a steady course

Swiss Rieter is on a steady course

According to an meeting with financial analysts, Rieter seems to be on a steady course, the investment programme is progressing an the new factories in China (Changzhou II) and India (Pune) will be operating fully in the course of 2013 and the entire product programme will entail local offerings

Even if the Asian footprint of Rieter will be deepened, the main offering will be still on premium products to China and India taking well into account that these are 10 to 20 % more expensive than the products of local competitors. It seems also that credits are again more available for large projects, however this might not lead to a substantial recovery during the ongoing year, according to Rieter CEO Erwin Stoller.

Swiss Helvea (research company) expects that 2012 Rieter’s sales will amount to CHF 860 (CHF 1061) million and estimates for 2013 will be CHF 1130 million and 2014 1’250 million. EBITDA will reach CHF 60.2 million in  2012, CHF 124 million in 2013 CHF 124 million and 2014 CHF 146 million and net profit amounts to 6.0 million in 2012 and 2013 to CHF 52.8 million and 2014 CHF 91.8 million.

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