Compressive shrinkage from Monforts for Pincroft

Compressive shrinkage from Monforts for Pincroft

Recently, a Monforts Toptex shrinking range was installed at Pincroft Dyers (GB) at their facility in Chorley, Lancashire to ensure precise control of compressive shrinkage for the company’s range of camouflaged military uniforms and industrial contract workwear

c29Pincroft dyes and prints over 40 different camouflage designs for military forces around the world as part of its extensive programme which also includes fabrics for contract workwear, upholstery and canvas tarpaulins. Flame retardancy is one of the company’s key strengths, an essential requirement extending beyond the military to first responders and industrial workers in all sorts of challenging situations. On average, the company has 4.5 day shifts (Monday to Friday lunchtime) and produces weekly some 600’000 metres of finished fabric. For accuracy and reproducibility, the company relies on the advanced technology of companies like German Monforts.

The delivery of the new Toptex sanforizer – operating at speeds of between 20-100 m/min and processing fabrics with weights of up ot 550 gsm – was performed by the local Monforts representative Colplan and after a long evaluation period of potential options. The sanforizer has been subject of a number of improvements, such as precise and automatic grinding of the rubber belt to increase its efficiency and lifecycle and marked reduction of water consumption for cooling, in recent years to provide increased residual shrinkage at higher production speeds

Neil Dowds, managing director of Pincroft states that over 80 % of production is for our subsidiary company, Carrington Workwear’s internal sales team, with the remaining 20 % commission finished for commercial customers and he adds, “if there are any problems, we probably get to hear about them sooner than the companies whose customers are not directly on their doorstep”. 30 % of the production goes to English customers and at least 90 % of the production is then exported to be made up into garments.

Pincroft is also a long-standing customer of Monforts stenters and driven by tighter specifications by both European Standards and demands from customers, the company was aware to need more control over shrinkage than the existing sanforizer could provide and therefore Pincroft opted, after a six months evaluation period, to purchase a Monforts Toptex, now being in the phase of being fine-tuned and “tweaked”, based on the exacting internal findings of the company’s operators.  Pincroft is also committed to high environmental standards.

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