Successful first Rieter Com4® yarn seminar

Successful first Rieter Com4® yarn seminar

The first ever Rieter Com4® yarn two days seminar attracted yarn trader, buyers and sellers at the company’s headquarters in Winterthur (CH) and the huge demand exceeded by far the offering, at the same it is a clear indication that with the seminar Rieter is addressing a knowledge gap

The professional organisation of the seminar with highly motivated experts delivering well structured presentations was well received by the participants of the first ever Rieter Com4® yarn seminar. The focus was on the four different Com4® yarns and their behaviour in further processing, as well as typical areas of application and end products. This all translated into an advantage for the participants were gaining a knowledge lead they can make use in their yarn trading activities.

Rieter Chairman Erwin Stoller welcomed the participants personally and delivered an overall view of Rieter’s  fields of activity. Then there were expert presentations of the four spinning technologies Rieter is offering, namely ring, compact, rotor and air-jet spinning, and their typical yarn characteristics and their influence on downstream processing. The participants with were also familiarised with the relevant Rieter machinery.


Other subjects treated during the two day’s seminar were the requirement for excellent bobbin winding, and important indications and practical tips for yarn testing, including the evaluation of test results and various test methods as well as a visit to the Rieter testing laboratory.

Another highlight was the comparison of fabrics and knits from the four different Com4® yarns where the participants independently tested and assessed various samples by applying the acquired knowhow during the seminar. The newly-experienced “touch” and the visual examination evoked emotions of surprise. Each participant received a sample file with various samples as well as all presentations and animations of the seminar. Also networking formed an important part of the seminar. The next seminars are planned in Winterthur (CH), as well as in India and China.

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