New European Working Group for Textile Technology

New European Working Group for Textile Technology

Four European manufacturers of industrial Laundry Equipment have been forming on December 17, 2012 a European Working Group for Textile Care Technology (ETCT) in Frankfurt (D)

The four founder companies are Girbau SA (E), Jensen GmbH (D,CH, DK), Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH (D) and LAVATEC Laundry Technology GmbH (D).

The aim for the founding of ETCT is to focus on the interests of the European manufacturers of industrial laundry equipment on a European level and towards EU institutions and the public in order to achieve a European opinion leadership for this industrial sector.  In a first step they plan to establish a European platform within the process of the implementation of the EU Eco-design directive (LTO 24) and the resulting standardisation.

Engelbert Heinz (CEO of Herbert Kannegiesser) has been elected Chairman on behalf of ETCT, Pere Girbau Pous (President of Girbau SA) will serve as deputy Chairman, at their side are acting the board members Wolf-Peter Gräser (CEO of LAVATEC Laundry Technology GmbH) and Martin Rauch (designated CEO Jensen GmbH.  Elgar Straub was elected managing director and Rita Neumann general secretary.

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