Breaking News – DyStar moves Chinese textile chemicals production to Nanjing

Breaking News 

DyStar moves Chinese textile chemicals production to Nanjing

DyStar is moving its Chinese textile chemicals production in the second half of 2013 from Hangzhou to the multipurpose manufacturing site of Nanjing

The state-of- the-art plant in Nanjing took up production of dyes in 2006 and its actual production is close to 14000 t annually and next year production will increase to around 20000 t. The reason for moving production is to enhance the manufacturing capabilities for textile chemicals.  The transfer will allow for an increased scope in terms of chemical synthesis together with strict quality control in extensive laboratory facilities. Simon Collinson, Sales Area Manager for China, Taiwan and Korea declares that the moving is an important step in the modernisation of DyStar’s production facilities, allowing the offering of the highest quality standards to the customers.

In recent years, DyStar has been strongly focused on measuring and improving its environmental and social performance and since two years reported also developments in a special sustainability report.

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