New PFC-free alternative for breathable membranes

New PFC-free alternative for breathable membranes

Outdoor clothing can be made waterproof and highly breathable with ultrathin membranes made from Arnitel®VT from Dutch DSM the science –based company active in health, nutrition and materials

DSMPR356a_21361313_tnArnitel VT is a very flexible thermoplastic elastomer and when made into membranes just a few microns thick, it is 100 % waterproof but also highly breathable and comfortable. The material contains no PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) and is 100 % recyclable. With the product, moisture vapour can pass from inside outside of the garment, but the membranes are totally waterproof, so they keep the wearer comfortable and dry. Unlike competing products, Arnitel VT does not rely on perforations to make it breathable. Perforated membranes can have their waterproofness compromised when they are washed or come into contact with liquids such as alcohols or fuels. Perforations also reduce the strength of the membrane, making it easier to rip and they can get clogged too, causing the membrane to lose its breathability. Thus Arnitel acts as a barrier not only to liquids, but also to bacteria and viruses and therefore Arnitel VT is used in surgical gowns with the highest level of protection.

One of the DSM’s partners is Sympatex Technologies in Germany, a leading global supplier of high tech functional materials for clothing, footwear, accessories and technical applications. Based on special genuine Sympatex recipes DSM is exclusively producing the Sympatex copolymer (polyetherester). The collaboration between the two companies led to a drastic reduction of the carbon footprint in the polymer production process compared to PTFE based membranes.

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