Polyamide 6.6 intermediate for the Asian market

Polyamide 6.6 intermediate for the Asian market

German chemical giant BASF has commenced the production of solid AH salt in Ludwigshafen (D) with a capacity of 24000 metric tons annually

In contrast with the already existing 62 % AH salt solution, BASF is targeting with the production of solid AH salt foremost long distance markets which cannot be served economically with an aqueous solution.  AH salt is an intermediate for the production of polyamide 6.6 which is also produced in Ludwigshafen within a highly efficient production structure including  6.6 polymer, adipic acid as well as facilities for relevant chemical raw materials such as  nitric acid and cyclohexane, energy, by-product recovery, logistics and other services. The intermediate hexqamethylene (HMD) is produced by a BASF plant at the Seal Sands (GB), operated by INEOS.

Polyamide 6.6 is used for engineering plastics and fibres and therefore for a wide range of products from light-weight automotive components for cars to carpets and textiles.


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