Austrian Linz Textile invests in new Schlafhorst Autocoro 8

Austrian Linz Textile invests in new Schlafhorst Autocoro 8

Linz Textil GmbH, Linz (A) one of the leading European textile groups in Europe with production sites in Austria, Croatia and China and 175 years of textile experience is investing after extensive analysis in Schlafhorst’s newest Autocoro 8 at its plant in Landeck (A)

Linz Textil is not only known for its experience but also for continuously investing in the-state-of-the-art technologies to create innovative products in a customer oriented manner, such as yarns and fabrics for the garment industry, as well as for technical textiles.

2012_12_PM_Linz_TextilThe plant in Landeck (Tirol) is focused in the production of OE 100 % cotton yarns and its machinery installed reflects the group’s passion for cutting-edge technologies. The company’s experts have spent a year evaluating as a pilot unit the new Autocoro 8 and then decided an investment in a second Autocoro 8, because their finding was that productivity is first class with more than 20 % energy savings, declares Christian Ascher, plant manager at Linz Landeck. Further findings were that yarn strength is much higher giving its weaving yarns a decisive advantage and the necessary flexibility to meet customers’ demand. The pilot unit allows to produce yarn as well as to develop new yarns. Customers’ needs can be satisfied either by a normal yarn lot or a handful of sample packages of certain grades.  The new Autocoro 8 multi-lot capabilities fulfil the company’s philosophy and allows to coordinate the lot sizes according to the customer’s requests and provides the highest degree of freedom in view to yarn and package parameters providing customers with more individual service and consolidating the market position of Linz.

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