Innovation for textile resource efficiency

Innovation for textile resource efficiency

According to EURATEX reports a good attendance and that many speakers claimed that constantly rising resource utilisation costs, stricter environmental legislation and seriously emerging market requirements for more sustainable products constantly push companies to do more with less and to use and re-use resources in multiple cycles and to better measure and monitor their resource use

Apart from making use of currently available EU support programmes, the European Textile Technology Platform recently launched to new Flagship Initiatives, namely innovative raw material approaches for the EU textile and clothing industry by favouring recycling and sustainable raw material supplies from European sources. The second should secure technology development and demonstration projects to turn major wet textile processes into dry and energy- efficient processes. The results should better position the sector for participation in upcoming EU assisted programmes such as HORIZON 2020 and cross-sector ones such as SPIRE, a public-private partnership (PPP) for a Sustainable Process Industry through Energy and Resource Efficiency, as well a Bio-based for Growth, a PPP for the bio-based industries, then the European Innovation Partnership on Water. All of these aspects were also discussed in the framework of the conference.

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