e-Business & Moda case studies in Spain

e-Business & Moda case studies in Spain  

After an opening address by the Secretary General of Consejo Intertextile (the Spanish Textile apparel national association) on November 29, 2012 followed two presentations from the eBIZ project team elaborated on the eBIZ initiative and the gap analysis for e-Business (digital communication the supply chain) and immediately adjacent a round table discussion took place under the motto “Benefits, actions and needs for better e-Business”, moderated by Inescop and it featured contributions by both technology and fashion companies, namely Tag Ingernieros, Trsluz, Clave Informática, UNISA, and Informática El Corte Inglés

The representative of companies introduced some impressive business cases on the use of RFID-technology in management, logistics and up to the point of sale (POS). Some speakers shared successful experiences on the eBIZ integration in their companies ERP and there were also some critical reflections with the regard to the use of e-Business between companies and their business partners.

A similar event took place in Milan last July and the one in Madrid was recorded as the second ad-hoc meeting with the fashion business community organised in a EU country by the eBIZ Project Team.

The Plenary session of CEN eBiz Workshop formed a gathering of all Workshop’s Experts with local Workshoip members from different parts of Spain and entailed a briefing on progresses achieved and the delivery of the gap analysis for e-Business requirements as well as the public actions undertaken to mobilise fashion companies towards a harmonised e-Business. There was also an exchange on the locally experienced barriers to digital communications and on the predominant role played by big retailers and on concrete benefits for SMEs. All was followed by a validation of progress and an outlook for the next seven months of the Workshop activities.

Chairman Franceso Marchi and Director General of EURATEX, stressed the need to intensify efforts and to increase collaborations in the next seven months to come for the CEN eBIZ Workshop activity. He urged also that companies should attract young skilled employees and reduce costs by using  ICT simplicity in management operations. eBIZ supports new business models and above all adds to a change of mindset in how companies administrate processes necessary to make use of the benefits offered by the digital area into the modern textile, clothing and footwear production.


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