The latest German textile and clothing figures

The latest German textile and clothing figures  

Unfortunately the September 2012 turnover figures of the two German industries are more or less negative as compared to last year’s results.  The total turnover dropped by 1.2 % and for textiles 2.3 % but clothing increased by 0.4 %. In real terms textiles recorded a 13.4 % decreasing turnover and this time Technical Textiles and confection were the major negative factors and this indicates that the interlinking with other industrial segments is tending to let the textile sector become a cyclical branch of industry. Turnover of clothing was also less performing (-7.3 % against Sept. 2011). The turnover of textiles amounted to EUR 817.0 million and in the first nine months to EUR 7’566 million and turnover of clothing amounted in September to EUR 693 million and for the nine months to EUR 5555 million (+0.4 %), and both sectors lost 1.2 % against the same period of 2011, whereas only in September the figure was -10.7 %. The order intake dropped in the first nine months – 5.4 % and in September 13.1 % for textiles and there was a backlash across the board. Clothing order intake decreased in the first nine months by 1.2 % but increased in September by 3.2 %.

Textile retailing increased in the first nine months by 2.7 % whereas the German retail sector added only 2.4 %. Total textile exports amounted to EUR 2269 million (-8.4 %) in September and in the first nine months they reached EUR 19172 million (-3.5 %). Total textile imports amounted to EUR 3118 million (-11.8 %) in September and to EUR 29437 million for the nine months (-8.2 %).

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