The results of the Denkendorf Future Colloquium 2012

The results of the Denkendorf Future Colloquium 2012

The motto of the Denkendorf Future Colloquium 2012 was dedicated to define “Prospects until 2025” and was attended by over 200 persons

Prof. Dr. Horst W. Opaschowski, a prominent futuristic scientist and nicknamed “Dr. Future” revealed a ten point trend vision for Germany 2030. It was followed by a paper from Dr. Klaus Jansen, managing director of Forschungskuratorium Textil (FKT) and a focus on textile relevant trends based upon a brand new brochure “Perspectives 2025”. He elaborated on nine for textile research work important themes, starting with architecture to continue with health and mobility towards the city of the future. The brochure entails over 250 valuable ideas and solution proposals for Technical Textiles and their prospects in markets of growth in the future. Jansen explained also the new method of “retropolating”, meaning to advance up to 2050 and then take a sort of a retro prospective on 2025. Matching with this there were prominent high carat speakers from industry and science to present a selection of ideas and solutions for the future world of Technical Textiles.

The spectrum was broad and started with the future of textile materials for the automotive sector and presented by Dr. Stefan Kienzle, Daimler AG, followed by the future of textile engineering and demonstrated by Johann Philipp Dila, Oskar Dilo Maschinenfabrik, and it extended up to medicine, architecture, light construction, smart and sports textiles presented by university professors Jan Knipper (University of Stuttgart), Prof. Dr. Klaus Drechsler, Prof. Dr. Veit Senner (both Technical University of Munich) and Prof. Dr. Benno Kotterba, Karlsruhe.

The practical example of what textiles might bring today, tomorrow and beyond to the medical sector an in the human being by adding more quality of life presented Dr. Erich Odermatt, Aesculap Tuttlingen and with a focus on the state-of-the art of research for textile implants and cell carrier material.

To honour ITV director Prof. Dr. Heinrich Planck prior to his retirement in April of 2013 a gala took place after the working sessions accompanied by his bestowing with the needle of hour of the German/European commission for the protection of the population formed another highlight of the evening, as well as the greetings of Wolfgang Leidig, Ministery of Economy and Finance Baden-Württemberg and Peter Schwartze, President of the umbrella organisation Gesamtverband textile + mode and Georg Saint-Denis, President of Südwesttextil. A retro perspective with film material from different ITV departments documented Prof. Planck’s 40 years of scientific textile research work as an oeuvre for his 65th birthday.

The colloquium demonstrated to the participants that textile is a working material with a potential future.

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