ACIMIT will focus on the internationalisation of its textile machinery sector in 2013

ACIMIT will focus on the internationalisation of its textile machinery sector in 2013

The Italian umbrella organisation of Italian textile machinery manufacturers ACIMIT will concentrate its efforts in 2013 on the sector’s internationalisation through promotional efforts and it welcomes quite a number of new members

This focus was approved by ACIMIT’s Board of Directors on November 13, 2012. The planned promotional efforts (technology symposiums) will entail visits accompanied by member firms to Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, South Africa, Turkey and Vietnam. In turn there are also training courses arranged for foreign operators in Italy. ACIMIT will also be present at Techtextil in Frankfurt next June.

Another highlight of activity in 2013 represents a “Sustainable Technologies” project in India and Bangladesh, with the aim to present “Made in Italy sustainable technologies” in Bangladesh, with communication activities linked to the project taking place both in India and Bangladesh.

Obviously the current economic and financial difficulties in Italy make public funding difficult, but ACIMIT has been working together with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Italian Trade Commission to promote the internationalisation of Italian business abroad, and by providing a promotional plan that suits the needs of a sector where over 80 % of the total turnover derives from foreign markets, specifies Sandro Samoiraghi, ACIMIT president.

ACIMIT is also empowered by a list of new members, namely Barni Lido, BE.MA.TEX, Beschi di Beschi Oscar & C., Bierrebi Italia, Essico, Euro Mec, F.lli Robustelli, Falsetti P. & S., Firbimatic, FK Group, Gualchieri e Gualchieri & C., JEM., J-Teck3, JTS, Mactec, Magetron, O.M.V, Panter P.T.M.T., Prochimica Novarese, Ramina, Ratti Luino, S.R.S. Spindles Service, Samatex, Texera, Texilmesa, Texnology, Toscana Spazzole Industrile, Union, Zancaner and Zentex.

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