German BASF continues a permanent dialogue on nano-materials

German BASF continues a permanent dialogue on nano-materials

On November 22, 2012 BASF Dialog Forum Nano (founded in 2008) presented its final report for 2011-12 in Berlin (D) and with the aim to dialogue regularly with representatives from research institutes, labour unions, trade organisations, industries, churches as well as environmental and consumer organisations to develop joint recommendations for improving communication transparency on nano-materials from manufacturers to consumers

According to Wolfgang Weber, Vice President Communications & Government Relations of BASF Group, stated: It us very important for us that a trusting and constructive cooperation has taken place over the years. We have entered into many – sometimes difficult – discussions and have reviewed our position, adds Carolin Kranz, Senior Manager of the same BASF group department.

Over several months the dialogue partners discussed how much scientific information is available, identified existing knowledge gaps and how information can be usefully presented to the consumers. The topics were either based upon specific consumer requests and on numerous expert assessments.  The focus has been on examples of dirt repellent and antimicrobial textiles as well as paints and coatings. The final joint report entails recommendations on how information can be gathered within companies along the supply chain in order to facilitate communication with consumers. At its presentation also Ulrike Höfken, Minister of Environment, Agriculture, Food, Wine Growing and Forestry of the Federal German State of Rhineland Palatinate, has been present.

TextileFuture will soon publish more details on the findings of the report.

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