Fibre based composites market will globally increase

Fibre based composites market will globally increase

Global production volume of fibre based composites of high-strength components will increase annually 17 % until 2020. This is the finding of a new study by German Roland Berger Strategy Consultant and the German VDMA Forum Composite Technology, titled “Series production of high-strength fibre based composites

Such composites are actually applied in industrial sectors such as automotives, airline and wind energy and because of the requirement of light construction in various other industrial fields, and composites seem to have a bright future.

Further findings of the study are that the cost of composites will decrease until 2020 by 30 % and experts are expecting a maximum achievement potential through hybrid (composite of continuous fibres and combined with other materials such as metal or short fibres, and based on the same process as today’s composites) composite components and the focus is on RTM and molding process. For the German engineering sector it is mandatory to lower production costs through technological development.

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