How celebrities make use of fashion

How celebrities make use of fashion

Particularly in America, but also in other countries celebrities, fashion and designers are making fashion as an expression of themselves and of course for their followers and fans. That these facts are truly working, is reported from Chicago lately

MacDuggal Dress ShowThe above cited synergy is amped up when a celebrity wars a designer’s clothing on a highly rated televised music competition: on Wednesday of last week, Khloe Kardashian wore Mac Duggal style 3600T in her role as a co-host of the X-Factor. Her appearance in the dress in the dress led to an instant spike in demand for this gold sequined long sleeve dress with a deep v-neck. Retailers bought up all of designer Mac Duggal’s on hand stock of this dress within six hours the next day, in reality the supply was expected to hold for over six months!

It is also a fact, that consumers are on the lookout for fashion trends, and when they see a celebrity wearing an item, this frequently leads to their aspiring to own it. Steve Winston of Online Formals in Virginia Beach, Virginia, has been – minutes after the show was on air – placing the first order and he stated: If a celebrity wears a designer dress, we can offer, our sales go through the roof.

The designer dresses from Mac Duggal have been turning heads for almost 30 years and his company is according to in-house information one of the fastest growing fashion houses in the world. His collection includes dresses, prom dresses, couture gowns, red carpet dresses and pageant gowns being sold by the world’s leading bridal and special occasion dress retailers.

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