The German garment, leather technology and textile cleaning machinery prospects

The German garment, leather technology and textile cleaning machinery prospects

This segment of VDMA  the German umbrella organisation of machinery manufacturers,  estimates that there will be a slight drop in sales of 3 % in real terms for 2012, however the newest forecast for 2013 is more positive with a gain of four percent

The improving prospects for 2013 are based upon globally improving conditions and the elections in the U.S.A. are taken as a positive impulse. Within VDMA, the Garment and Leather Technology Association entails sewing and garment machinery, shoe and leather technology, laundry and textile cleaning machinery and machinery for processing Technical Textiles. The production output in 2011 amounted to a value of EUR 510 million.

Up to the end of September 2012 the Garment and Leather Technology witnessed an order drain of 23 % and for the period January to September the drop was 9 %, because of the general reluctance of customers to invest, specifically in the clothing and shoe production segments, with the exception of the U.S. manufacturers, the slower economic development in China and the European debt crisis have had a negative effect up to the end consumer. The most significant market for clothing manufacture is China and this is undergoing marked structural changes, combined with shorter response times are leading to production sites relocated closer to end consumer markets. There is a shift of production to Eastern Europe. Under way is also more flexible production processes, combined with resource conservation and increasing productivity, these are aspects beneficial to German machinery and technology manufacturers and the JIAM trade fair in Osaka, Japan for sewing equipment and clothing machinery and SIMAC in Bologna (I) a leading trade fair for machinery and technologies for the shoe and leather goods industry proved a great interest in such German products and hopefully this will be repeated by Texprocess in Frankfurt (D) next June, and the positive effect of this particular fair was lacking in the ongoing year. 

The sub-sector sewing and garment machinery noted 58 % less orders in September and 33 % from January to September 2012. There was also less order intake for machinery for the shoe and leather industry, in September -12 % and January to September -29 %. The laundry and textile cleaning machinery segment on the other hand had an order increase of 16 % in September and of 12 % in the first nine month of the ongoing year.

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