Anti-ageing bra assists comfort after breast surgery

Anti-ageing bra assists comfort after breast surgery

More and more women around the globe suffer of breast cancer and have to undergo surgery and after treatment. These women can have more sleeping comfort because of a special supporting bra

Those women affected by breast cancer and needing surgery and breast reconstruction feel often a terrible discomfort when sleeping. A study by French doctor Benoit Couturaud, a well known plastic surgeon, has been looking for a relief bra for such victims of cancer and he discovered La Decollette, a bra manufactured in the Netherlands. The product has been widely tested by patients and the study was executed by CERCO (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Cosmétologique). The finding was that 86 % of the testing women sleep with La Decollette almost undisturbed and like the supporting bra.


Those with enlarged breast reconstruction and testing persons declared that they would always wear the bra and that they no longer have problems with décolleté wrinkles and 57 % stated that the breast skin will become more even and soft. La Decollette® is offering a bra coated with a special crème that leads to the positive effects. During the night the cups are taken off and the day bra becomes a night bra that keeps the breast formed and supported during sleep.

Because of the two positive effects (anti-ageing and support function) the bra is also used by many women in Europe and America for less décolleté wrinkles and comfort and not only by consequence after breast reconstruction.

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