Finnish Marimekko goes West

Finnish Marimekko goes West

On November 12, 2012 Finnish Marimekko (textile and clothing design company) is expanding to the American West Coast with two new company owned stores

Marimekko goes West



Firstly, on November 12, 2012, Marimekko opened its new Palo Alto location in the Stanford Shopping Centre (opened only on October 25) and has opening on November 15, 2012 a flagship store in the heart of Beverly Hills, located on the corner of Canon Drive and Brighton Way and the surface entails 5000 square foot  and the store will offer a striking and vibrant point of view of pattern and colour, from signature fashions to home furnishings and textiles, as well as a showroom to support further business development of the brand in the area.

As we all know, Marimekko is known and loved for its bold and brilliant, unconventional patterns and the first were launched over 60 years ago and became quickly a phenomenon. It grew into an outlook on life, courageous, egalitarian and positive. Its strikingly inventive patterns and clever use of colour translate into strong contemporary collections of interior decor, clothing and accessories. Marimekko has so to speak flourished in the boundary between art and design.

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