German study from a customer viewpoint on B2B online marketing

German study from a customer viewpoint on B2B online marketing

Ordered by Deutsche Messe Interactive, the University of Münster was conducting the study “Information and Communication in B2B sourcing processes” and its findings reveal a great so far not used potential

The sample has been taken with 937 potential decision makers and the customers’ viewpoint was in the focus. The aim of the study was to find new impulses for marketing communication in the B2B. The results reveal that besides preferred information channels and differentiated marketing mechanisms lays a lot of unused potential along the total sourcing processes as well as before and after sale closure.

Another result was the fact that only 20 % of the respondents stated that B2B online advertising is relevant for their research work and over 50 % declared that the actual offerings are superficial or missing the searched for products and services. But the authors of the study believe that well thought and informative online advertising placed in the adequate context would lead to the opening up of significantly new target groups.

Deutsche Messe Interactive is a benchmark for the digital way of conducting business in the B2B sector. The company located in Hannover, was founded in 2009 as a joint-venture between Deutsche Messe AG und Catagonia Ltd. and over 60 collaborators entertain a distinct Lead Relationship Management. The make use of the more than two million visitor data of Deutsche Messe AG and use those for the own premium B2B sales network. Deutsche Messe Interactive is generating more than 2000 leads and is assisting around 15000 exhibitors of Deutsche Messe AG annually. Its online advertising format “infobox” is available on over 110 portals.

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