Finnish AppCampus programme attracts already 1200 proposals

Finnish AppCampus programme attracts already 1200 proposals

The new AppCampus programme established by Aalto University in Otaniemi (and in the same building as Nokia’s research centre), Nokia and Microsoft to create 700 new Windows applications in three years attracted 1200 submissions from 70 countries since it started only six months ago. The total investment is pledged at EUR 18 million

According to the Head of AppCampus at Aalto University, Pekka Slvonen, already investments in 60 projects are under way. AppCampus is looking for new applications not yet available in AppStore or Android market and which differentiate Windows from other operating systems. The focus is on Nokia’s technical strongholds, namely Near Field Communication technology, camera and location data. Each project will mean an investment between EUR 20000 to EUR 70000 and AppCampus supports successful applicants with training, coaching and marketing, as well as the marketplace qualification process. Successful applications are expected to be available exclusively on Windows Phone and additionally other Nokia platforms for the first six months.

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