US Shrinking control machinery with success in Turkey

US shrinking control machinery with success in Turkey

American Navis TubeTex reports repeated success for its shrinkage control machinery Navis TubeTex TM-100 for Turkish Tamteks Tekstil in Corlu

According to in-house information, the advanced technology and superior fabric quality of Navis TubeText TM-100 has become the standard for shrinkage control in Turkey for the lightweight and heavy weight viscose fabrics. Navis TubeTex-100 compactor controls shrinkage in 100 % viscose to less than 4-5 % at a speed of 30 m/m and other difficult fabrics to less than 3 % to better control shrinkage and weights over any other compacting technology.

In the case of the Turkish deliveries – there will be two additional machines to be installed before the end of the ongoing year – the operator touch screens are in Turkish language and local service support is a given fact.

TM-100 Side Open Image


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