The Russian envisioned tariff reductions after WTO accession

The Russian envisioned tariff reductions after WTO accession

After the official accession of Russia to the WTO World Trade Organisation, the country will start to comply with the WTO rules and regulations on licensing, customs formalities and procedures. Also tariffs will be lowered on a wide range of products. The ave3rage ceiling for manufactured goods will be 7.3 %, compared with the 2011 average of 9.f % on manufactured imports. The longest implementation period is eight years for pork, followed by seven years for motor cars, helicopters and civil aircraft but the cost of imports will be reduced.

The following table shows Russia’s final tariffs upon WTO accession:


The final agreed Russian Tariffs upon WTO Accession

Category Rate of tariff 2011 in % Future tariff in %
Automobiles 15.5 12.0
Chemicals 6.5 5.2
Cotton 5.0 0.0
Electrical Machinery 8.4 6.2
Information Technology Products 5.4 0.0
Textiles 10.9 7.9
Travel Goods 20.0 14.1
Wood and Paper 13.4 8.0
Source: WTO World Trade Organisation Oct. 2012

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