Bayer becomes Textile Exchange member for sustainability

Bayer becomes Textile Exchange member for sustainability

Recently Bayer CropScience has joined US internationally operating Textile Exchange as part of the company’s commitment to textile sustainability

Bayer CropScience will provide more sustainable options for farmers as well as consumers and brands who wish transparent linkages to farmes growing cotton in a sustainable production system.

Sustainability forms an integral part of Bayer’s business demonstrated in part by their global corporate sustainability initiatives, such as their involvement with the Sustainability Consortium, the Bayer Climate Program, the UN Global Compact and now with their identity preserved FiberMax Fibre Programme.

Bayer is committed to support and provide seed solutions for sustainable cotton farmers and the company has strong cotton breeding programmes in several countries utilising traditional breeding programmes to protect the germplasm of regional cotton varieties.

Bayer acquired also Agraquest providing biological control options for farmers, thus expanding choices for farmers who are organic cotton planters or who would want to focus on biological solutions in their production systems. The company disposes of non-GM output traits in development and biological solutions in their product line as well as new biological products under development, among two methods used to protect their FiberMax and Stoneville cotton seed from pest. Beyond improved fibre qualities and performance, Bayer is focusing its R&D efforts in the areas of fibre functionality such as dyeability and flame resistance, as well as improved water use efficiency, yield increase, and continued improvements in fibre quality.

Textile Exchange believes Bayer has the values, vision and expertise to help the industry advance cotton sustainability and be a future part of the seed solution for sustainable cotton farmers in their need to access high quality seed.

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