Colours make daily life brighter

Colours make daily life brighter

The colour forecast for home decor in 2013-14 has been announced by PPG Porter Paints® brand in America. Homeowners have come to appreciate the new found infusion of vibrant hues into all aspects of modern society, they become more comfortable with powerful colours, and they are showing their creativity by embracing deep dramatic teals such as French Riviera and sharp, playful fuchsias such as Rose Marquis in their homes. These are just two out of the 25 lively key colours presented in Colour Minded, the new trends for The Voice of Colour®

Unbenannt12The influence of new technologies and society propelled by ideals at an ever evolving pace are driving colour packed palettes for 2013. With such an abundance of bold colours, the method for integrating colour and lifestyle will vary from person to person and that will make all the difference in interpretation. For some, the urge to retreat to life’s fundamental basics will yield simple yet adaptable, thoughtful applications of home design elements. For others, self manifestation will be embellished by loud, unexpected design sensibility as fashionable, futuristic technology takes centre stage. Overall, sleek and chic is in, but only when paired with a friendly, inviting atmosphere.

The key trend colours for the PPG Porter Paints brand are presented in signature five colour palette cards offering colour opportunities for all design elements in a space, from paint and window treatments to flooring and fabrics. The five themes are Everyday Hero – thoughtful and versatile, Elusion – fantastical and enchanting, Artful Expression – eclectic and vibrant, Discreet Luxury – contemporary and classic and Modern is Tech – streamlined and calculated.

PPG, founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) in 1883 and operates in more than 60 countries worldwide with sales in 2011 of USD 14.9 billion, it employs more than 20 colour stylists around the world, each specialising in different markets, who collaborate to determine styles and colour trends for the home, electronics and automobiles. PPG enjoys a unique position as a colour leader in multiple markets allowing to observe and translate emerging global colour trends for its customers’ applications from consumer goods to automotive colour, from residential to commercial to industrial design.

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