NYSCAN of Erhard+Leimer at LabelExpo Americas

NYSCAN of Erhard+Leimer at LabelExpo Americas

Another successful reception of NYSCAN workflow solutions of Erhardt+ Leimer is reported through the participation of the German company at LabelExpo Americas from September 11 – 13, 2012 in Chicago (USA) and also the MMLD Matrix and the Missing Label System were welcomed

In Chicago Erhardt+Leimer sold several NYCSCAN workflow solutions (100 % print inspection) and according to in-house information – the product is one of the world’s leading print inspection system on the market. It disposes of

Exactly matched hard- and software components, innovative features, such as the LED-Tube-Light guaranteeing 100 % print inspection, even under difficult printing conditions. It offers further an easy integration into existing systems, allows intuitive operation and its proverbial reliability, they all fulfill the customer’s requirements for 100 % quality and cost effectiveness.

Also the new MMLD “Matrix and the Missing Label System were in the focus of interested visitors. The easy three button operator interface convinced not only operators but also OEM customers. Set-up times typically less than five seconds and no mechanical parts to move are convincing and offer a real low cost alternative to the traditional time-consuming set-up procedure of conventional sensor arrays.


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