Connecting elements for Smart Textiles

Connecting elements for Smart Textiles

According to the Forschungskuratorium Textil (German Textile Research Organisation), the breakthrough of Smart Textiles or Intelligent Textiles was inhibited so far by missing micro connectors between the textile and “the outer world”.This missing gap has now been successfully closed

An IGF project (AiF-No. 354 ZBG) of Greizer scientologists has been searching for solvent and small engineering elements for flexible, but robust connectors, made of conductive textile thread and surface. The connectors were manufactured in one processing step and with micro inject-blow technology and conductive textile thread/surface were serving as BUS-system. The joint production of the single elements of a plug, integrated or to be integrated in a compact process in a tool permits a very efficient manufacturing process. The intense connection of the single elements, the outside design and the specific and outstanding characteristics of the textile provide a complete structure dedicated to the final usage and is highly chargeable.

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