AATCC Test Methods for download available

AATCC Test Methods for download available

The American Association of Textile Colourists and Chemists has put its latest new and revised Test Methods for download on its website

The 2013 AATCC Technical Manual featuring multiple revisions and several new Test Methods , will be available in January, 2013. Meanwhile, several new test methods are available through the AATCC website for pre-sale as individual, downloadable test methods.

Available on the website are Colorfastness to Light: Outdoor and Carbon-Arc as well as Xenon-Arc, further Drying Rate of Textiles at their Absorbent Capacity: Air Flow Method (new) and Drying Rate of Fabrics: heated Plate Method (new), then Relative Hand Value of textiles: Instrumental Method (new).

Also available is a revised copy of AATCC Monograph M6-2012, standardization of Home Laundry Test Conditions and it can be accessed for free by clicking on the third link below and the online purchases can be done by clicking the second link




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