Philippine company opts for Fong’s one-stop green innovation product

Philippine company opts for Fong’s one-stop green innovation product

Saffron Philippines Inc. (Saffron) opts for Fong’s green innovation product TEC, and orders eight sets within eight months. The fourth delivery will be at the end of 2012

Saffron (dyeing, finishing, printing and garment production) is – according to in-house information – a top tier Philippine manufacturers with over 18 years of experience and employs 438 employees. The company is catering to brand customers such as Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren, Walmart, Jockey and Hanes, and according to Tomas de los Santos, Chairman of Saffron, is valued as a dynamic leader in fabric dyeing, finishing, printing and garment production, for its excellence, innovation, diversity and relevance.

The firm delivers daily 40 – 45 t of dyed and finished fabrics and 10000 pieces of garment and 10000 yards of printed goods. They are expecting to increase their daily capacity to enhance future expansion and this with a greener production.

This is also the reason of the investment in Fong’s TEC series. Being already satisfied with the performance of Fong’s JUMBOFLOW machine used years before the TEC series were launched during ITMA Barcelona in September 2011 and because the design of TEC series is similar with JUMBOFLOW but offering some new features and improvements, Saffron placed a first order for JUMBOTEC2-1T, MIDITEC2-3T (750 kg) andMINITEC2-2T (400 kg) in November 2011. The Liquor Ratio (LR) is further reduced in the TEC series and is closer to the airflow machine. TEC series enjoy a broad capacity range of machines allowing more flexibility and higher load efficiency. Fong’s provides also the necessary technical support and after sales services.

After first unit has been installed, many trials of different kinds of fabric were tested. The evaluation of the tests revealed that TEC series offered many advantages such as lower LR, faster salt preparation and injection time, user friendly controller, efficient an consistent rinsing process, reduction of effluent and energy cost and easier machine operation, because the operator can operate the machine at ground level, thus without using a platform. This first experience led to the other three orders within a short period, explains Mensen Chu Saffron’s Plant Manager.

Kennan Lao, Saffron’s General Manager does not foresee a significant growth for 2013 for the worldwide textile industry, except if the U.S. and the European markets recover. The shift of textile related production to emerging markets like India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will persist. In the Philippines market he foresees gradual growth because of the economic gains. He draws the attention to the fact that fresh water resources are not unlimited in the Philippines and therefore he adds: “it is our social responsibility and commitment to our society and therefore we cater to a greener production”.

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