First Fabrication Laboratory in Finland

First Fabrication Laboratory in Finland

Finland’s first Fablab – a concept that originates from the American Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the number of such Fablabs has been growing to 80 worldwide, such as in the Netherlands, India and Japan – is to be installed at Aalto Media Factory on the Arabia campus

The Fablab – short for fabrication laboratory – forms an open workshop where everybody can make objects using techniques such as 3D printing or laser cutting. Visitors will design and implement their projects themselves, using the machinery installed is free but the material costs are to be paid. The use of the machines is easy and can be executed after a short instruction either on the website or life at the lab.

Fablabs are based upon the concept to share information about the applied projects and to build common knowledge of working processes. The Fablabs workshops are in continued touch among each other through video conferencing system and the lab personnel meet in international events from time to time. More broadly, the Fablab phenomenon forms an integral part of the blooming DOY do-it-yourself culture or the maker culture and in Finland there are examples such as the Hackerspaces and the Pixelache festival.

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