Systematic methodology tool to measure textile sustainability

Systematic methodology tool to measure textile sustainability

Clariant, the Swiss specialty chemicals group is announcing the introduction of a new service called ONE WAY that is destined to assist textile mills, brands and retailers to measure the impact of their textile solutions on the environment, resource and climate

CLAPR551a_151123_tnONE WAY is a systematic methodology based on sophisticated tools, products pre-tested against the industry’s most stringent standards and compiled in a unique database for instant information. It is further a sophisticated calculation tool for knowledgeable decisions on products adn processes, as well as their ecological impact.

According to Textile Exchange (USA), an estimated six million tons of textile chemicals is used each year, making the environmental impact of textile processing a global issue (TextileFuture has reported on this at various occasions). Textile waste occupies nearly five per cent of all landfill space, with one million tons of textiles ending up in landfills every year. In addition, 20 % of industrial fresh water pollution comes from textile treatment and dyeing; and one trillion kilowatt hours are used every year by the global textile industry, which equates to 10 % of the global carbon impact.







ONE WAY is a three-step process such as product selection based on eco-standards requirements, process short-listing based on environmental focus and solution selection based on cost and eco-benefits (calculation system).

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