New US Huntsman textile effect alliance

New US Huntsman textile effect alliance

Huntsman Textile Effects (according to in-house information a global leader in developing total textile solutions across all aspects of the textile chain and a committed player in developing sustainable, high performing processing and effects chemicals with low environmental impact) and HeiQ have announced a strategic business alliance with the launch of PURE by HeiQ, an innovative, new generation silver product that sets it apart from other odour control solutions

Based on a unique technology, PURE by HeiQ is a high performance silver antimicrobial harnessing the power of silver to effectively achieve the highest odour reduction efficiency with minimal dosing. The technology is applicable at the finishing stage by padding (HEIQ PURE TF) on all fibres and fabric types, except wool. The new product achieves a perfect balance of highest durability and most effective performance ratio of any solution on the market. The technology is engineered with a silver micro-composite which brings long term protection and freshness to the textile for more than 100 home launderings. This antimicrobial textile effect makes it possible to keep garments odour free by inhibiting the growth of odour causing bacteria, a desired consumer benefit in socks, active- and work wear and many other end use markets. It does not require high temperature curing and has no negative influence on hydrophilicity, handle or breathability. Its excellent compatibility with fluorochemical finishes and moisture management agents allows also its application to nearly any textile or nonwoven substrate, making it ideal for home textiles, including sheets and towels, technical and medical textiles and a wide variety of garments, including socks, underwear, knit- and sportswear.

HeiQ is a Swiss high-tech company developing and producing and ingredient branding high performance sustainable effects for textiles.

PURE by HeiQ is registered by bluesign® and certified by the Oeko-Tex Standard scheme for its use in textile applications and consumer products. For a textile chemical to be labelled with an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, all ingredient products and treatments are tested by Oeko-Tex for their safety to humans and the environment.

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