Portugese Carvalho becomes a fan of German Thies dyeing machines

Portugese Carvalho becomes a fan of German Thies dyeing machines

The terry towelling specialist and family owned and managed by the 3rd generation and the 4th already joining, Portugese Fábrica de Tecidos do Carvalho (founded in 1925) in Lordelo-Guimãraes near Porto has taken delivery of its first Thies iMaster “F” dyeing machine and immediately followed by an order for five units to replace its existing dye house plant in multiphase modernisation programme

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The iMaster H2O “F” model has been purpose-designed for dyeing terry applications and features a stronger build winch for heavier terry, weighing up to 1.5 kg/ms and a larger diameter 2200 mm nozzle.

The six Thies units, each featuring a 400 kg capacity will replace Carvahlho’s existing dyehouse of 7 x 500 kg units producing 3500 kg. The new Thies iMasters will produce 2400 kg but with a faster cycle time, allowing Carvalho to enhance its production. Totally 160 people are employed and they are working 24/5, business in Portugal today means fast turnaround to meet delivery deadlines, states Francisco Xavier, and, if necessary we work 24/6 or 24/7.


Terry production at Carvalho’s is principally cotton in a variety of forms including combed, low twist and micro, plus a number of blends such as viscose/cotton and linen/cotton. Weights generally vary between 250 gm/m2 up to 1.5 kg/m2. Production is currently geared toward 150 t/month with plans to increase production up to 180 t/month with the new Thies dye house installed. From the 1960’s to 1980’s the company produced blankets for the domestic and European markets. By 1983 a rationalisation process and market conditions made Carvalho to devote itself exclusively to manufacture terry towelling and the firm continued to invest in technology, quality and design to achieve a more competitive edge and quality product.

Since taking delivery of the first Thies iMaster earlier this year, the company has already identified a 50 % reduction in steam and a 50 % saving in water using a liquor ration of 1:6. Carvalho Manager Francisco Xavier explains that the company initially opted for the 1:6 ratio but are now beginning to reduce it even further to 1:5 and anticipate even greater savings. The special techniques used with the final wash in the dyeing process with the iMaster required far less water than with the older dye machines. The existing dye house incorporates 20 years old technology and operates at a 1:10 liquor ratio. It was essential therefore that we reduced the costs of utilities and dyestuffs with the latest technology in order to become more competitive with our global competitors.

The operators were quickly familiar with the new Thies units and operation is very simple and far less time consuming for the operators with features such as the automatic self-clean filters.



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