BASF and SGL partner to develop carbon fibre-reinforced polyamide

BASF and SGL partner to develop carbon fibre-reinforced polyamide

German chemical giant is teaming up with German SGL group to combine the expertise of both companies – one a leading producer of polyamide (PA) and its precursors and the other a specialist in carbon fibres – to develop composites with short processing times to allow the scale of economy and the use of such materials in structural components for mass-produced automobiles

BASF is a leading manufacturer of PA and caprolactam, n important precursor of PA and the company will contribute its understanding of the polymer matrix systems, while SGL group will focus on the carbon fibre and high temperature processes needed. SGL will also develop a finish for the fibres to maximize their bonding to the polymer. Only with a custom-formulated finish optimal bonding can form the carbon fibres transmitting their unique stiffness and strength fully to the part.

To achieve good wetting of the fibre and short cycle times in T-RTM and RIM, BASF will use low viscosity highly reactive caprolactam formulations.

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