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ISO stresses economic benefits with application of its standards

ISO the International Standardisation Organisation has just published (in English only) a commercially available second study on the Economic benefits of standards – International case studies (ISBN 9789-92-10580-2, A5 format, 343 p.)

The first volume was published in 2011. The newest second publication reveals details of 11 companies operating in a variety of business sectors in 10 countries. The size of the companies varies from small enterprises with 25 employees and sales revenues of around USD 4.5 million, to the ones with several thousand employees and annual revenues better than USD 2 billion. The 21 case studies demonstrate that the benefits of using standards are valued, in terms of contribution to the company’s gross profit and amount to 0.15 % to 5 % of annuals sales revenues.

The study was carried out by ISO’s Central Secretariat in Geneva (CH), in cooperation with ISO national members and academic institutions and on the basis of the “ISO Methodology” for the assessment and quantification of economic benefits of standards. The methodology is described in details and was jointly developed in cooperation with Roland Berger consultants.

The new volume can be purchased from ISO national member institutes or directly from the ISO Store. PDF files of the studies contained in Volumes one and two can be accessed free of charge on the ISO website.


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